Wholesale Parts Division

We now offer parts for customers with competitive make vehicles, and our repair facilities have been outfitted to perform all needed repairs.

We have an experienced sales team waiting to fill your orders. We offer OE Connection free of charge for web ordering. We also utilize OPSTrax web ordering for customers using that service.

Now, Magneti Marelli will begin supplying Mopar and our dealership with brakes, shocks, struts, oil filters, air filters, fuel filters and cabin filters for competitive makes. Other product lines will gradually phase into our dealership network.

After introducing a number of initiatives to improve service for our customers, including brand-specific customer-care lines, extended service hours during weekdays and weekends and a push for Mopar Express Lanes, taking care of owners with competitive vehicles is the next frontier, Mopar’s agreement with Magneti Marelli and Shell Lubricants effectively creates one-stop service shops at our dealership. And with the addition of 3,000 quality-tested parts, our dealership will now have the ability to fully service customers who drive into our service lanes with competitive vehicles.

Our dealership will offer one-stop service shops for customers who own competitive makes:

  1. Capital CJD has become a full-line retail service and parts and tire center.
  2. Mopar-Magneti Marelli-Shell Lubricants agreement establishes comprehensive servicing of GM, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Hyundai and Kia vehicles at our dealership.
  3. Magneti Marelli brings 26 product lines and more than 3,000 part numbers to Mopar’s product portfolio