Dodge History


Dodge History

Dodge cars are well-known world-over for their incredible style and powerful performance. Although we know the brand to be a top player in the automobile industry today, few know the many struggles the company endured to reach the position they are at today. For a fascinating peek into the history of Dodge, continue reading. In the year 1900, Dodge was founded by the Dodge brothers – Horace and John Dodge. The company was initially called the Dodge Brothers Company, and the two brothers manufactured and sold bicycles. Within two years of their business, the siblings ventured into the production of automobile parts, like axles, engines, and transmissions. The partnership gained momentum due to their quality products and soon became a well-known brand.

The firm found their break when they were in collaboration with Ford Motor Company and Olds Motor Vehicle Company to produce engines for them. Soon, the brothers decided to venture into their own automobile production business and sold their first car, Model 30, in the year 1914. They completely revamped their manufacturing unit, and by the year 1916, they placed second in the highest-selling car segment in America, only behind Ford T. Unfortunately, just as the company was picking up, the two Dodge brothers died of influenza in the year 1920. The wives of the Dodge brothers sold the company to a consortium and subsequently, Chrysler Corporation acquired the company.

The company then soon began venturing into manufacturing cars with more safety features. Dodge was the first company ever to introduce rubber body mounts, sealed beam headlamps, insulated rubber body mounts, and two-tone paint. In 1940, when the country was already in preparation for war, the company began producing more high-power vehicles that provided adequate horsepower and torque. By 1950, the cars became more efficient for urban driving when the Indianapolis 500 model was introduced. At this point in the history of Dodge, the company soon ventured into the manufacture of muscle cars like Dart 330, 1967 Charger and 1969 Charger.

In the year 1980, almost all households began owning cars. Dodge then shifted its manufacturing to produce more budget-friendly and fuel-efficient vehicles. As of today, Dodge is assuredly one of the most recognizable and successful automobile manufacturers in the world. With several top-of-the-class models to their name, the automobile giant is undoubtedly a key player in the motor industry

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