Fall Car Tips


Fall Car Tips

Fall gives you the chance to ready your car for the winter ahead. Especially if you live in an area where the cold season tends to be long and harsh, it is important to prepare your vehicle properly so that it can serve you well until spring. What you do to keep your vehicle in the fall will have a major impact on your driving experience over the coming months, so make sure you follow the fall car tips outlined below.

• Change your oil
A regular oil change is critical to keep your car up and running at all times, even during cold winters. Especially if you haven’t changed your oil in a long time, fall is the perfect time to do so. It helps to ensure that your engine is lubricated and won’t break down or cause trouble in the near future.

• Examine your tire pressure
When the climate gets colder, tires tend to lose their pressure. In fact, for every ten-degree decline, your tires can lose as much as one pound of pressure. So if you 'd like to prevent any issues during the colder months, remember to check the tire pressure, including that in your spares.

• Check and replace your battery if required
To ensure that you won’t have any trouble starting your car in the cold winter mornings, have your battery checked by a tech during fall. If required, don’t hesitate to replace it if desired. Most drivers are not aware of loose cable connections in their batteries or when they become corroded until it’s too late. So don’t make the same mistake.

• Make sure your brakes work accurately
Your brakes should be in perfect working condition for the winter. You can simply go to a dealership around you as most centers will check your brakes and tires for free. This reassures you that your model doesn’t have an issue stopping on wet, slippery, and icy roads, that your tires aren’t worn down, and more.

• Test your heater/defroster
When the cold and icy winter comes, you would want to make sure that your heater and defroster are working perfectly. Fall is the perfect time to do this.

Source: Jeep