Benefits of Buying a Certified Pre-Owned Dodge

Want to own a Jeep Dodge, but are unable to afford it at the moment? No worries; invest in a CPO or certified pre-owned Jeep Dodge. Why you ask? Below, we attempt to list all the reasons why buying a CPO Dodge is a much wiser decision than purchasing a regular used Jeep Dodge. 

A CPO is almost always better quality than a used vehicle

When you spend money on a CPO Dodge, you can rest assured that you will still be able to enjoy the sheer quality offered by the Jeep brand. The same might not be true for your run-off-the-mill used Dodge model. It is because dealerships only provide used variants with a CPO tag after they’ve subjected the automobile through a thorough inspection and have found no major defects or flaws. No dealership will want to incur losses by certifying a flawed vehicle with warranty privileges. 

Oh yes, extended warranty!

Before we miss out, CPO vehicles usually allow extended warranty service. So, while you might still be able to enjoy a portion of the remaining warranty on the used car you’ve bought, the automaker will not extend their warranty services to you beyond the coverage that had already been provided. 

Enjoy roadside assistance services

If you’re lucky you’ll be able to be recipient to Roadside Assistance for your CPO Dodge jeep. When you can use Roadside Assistance, it means you no longer have to break a sweat about towing services, rental care reimbursement and so on.

All of this for a pre-owned price!

Isn’t it great? You can avail all of the above coverage assistance that is normally extended to new owners for a much lesser price. Come down to our North Carolina Dodge Dealer to check out our range of Dodge certified pre-owned vehicles. 

Our Capital CJD auto-dealership is located in Garner, NC, and services the neighboring cities of Antelope Point, Camelot, and Hillandale as well. Drop by, inspect our CPO Dodge cars, take them out for a spin, and decide for yourself if the price you pay is worth it. If you’d rather buy a regular used vehicle, we stock some of those too. However, if you’d listen to us, we recommend a CPO model any day.

Source: Pexels