2020 Dodge Charger Features

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The 2020 Dodge Charger is a leading choice for consumers who are looking for a full-size sedan but don’t want to compromise on practicality or performance. This is why the Charger line-up has remained successful for so long.

It is also the only vehicle in its generation to boast an 8-speed automatic transmission, rear-wheel drive, and two V-8 engines. Between its nostalgia-inspiring decals and bold color options, the 2020 Charger is an affordable yet performance-driven option that’s too tempting to resist!

Engine And Performance

The Charger’s roots are based in NASCAR with its rowdy sounds and big V-8 power. All Charger models share an 8-speed automatic transmission with standard rear-wheel drive. Its V-6 engine is a little more subdued than the V-8 but it does have the all-wheel-drive option.

In terms of performance, the 485 horsepower Charger R/T Scat clocks an impressive speed of 60mph in 4.1 seconds whereas the 370-hp Charger has enough power to outrun almost all other family sedans!

Driver-Assistance And Safety Features

The 2020 Charger has many high-tech assists to make driving in the city comfortable and enjoyable. Some of these features include automated emergency braking and adaptive cruise control. These features come at an extra cost and a majority of the advanced driver-assistance features are not available in the base models.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gave the 2020 Charger an impressive 5-star crash test rating. Some of the safety features included are:

- Lane-departure warning with lane-keeping assist

- Rear-cross traffic alert and blind-spot monitoring

- Forward collision warning

Interiors And Comfort

The 2020 Charger boasts a highly functional interior that is more comfortable rather than luxurious. The cabin has a simplistic yet functional design. It has excellent legroom in the rear, which is great news for families with young children. The passenger seat has average legroom but sufficient enough to make it a comfy ride.

In terms of trunk volume, the 2020 Charger is similar to its competitors. However, it was able to stow away a little extra. There’s also plenty of room in its center console for stowing away small items. A convenient slot is also provided near the shifter to safely store your cell phone.

Driving has never felt more contented or nostalgic than in the 2020 Charger.

Source: Dodge