All You Need to Know About Chrysler Financial

Buying or leasing a new car is an expensive investment, and many people turn to loans in order to make the process easier on their finances. If you're interested in buying a Chrysler, then Chrysler's financial services, through Chrysler Capital, can make the process more streamlined for you.

Chrysler Capital is a subsidiary company that operates under Banco Santander, and together with the Chrysler Group, enables customers interested in leasing or buying cars from Chrysler's range, apply for a purchase or lease loan in-house with Chrysler. Through their services, you can purchase any vehicle from the Chrysler Group, such as Chrysler, Dodge, RAM, Jeep, and Fiat, at lower interest rates, and using a financial service that is dedicated to making your car investments easier to manage and repay. 

What Is Chrysler Capital And How Can You Benefit From Their Financial Services?

Capital Chrysler provides car investment loan solutions, both for people who want to buy or lease a Chrysler vehicle.

In order to successfully gain a loan from them, you will need a strong credit history, as well as proof of a consistent source of income. Depending on whether you want to buy or lease a vehicle, your options will be slightly different.

If You Want To Purchase A New Vehicle:

Loans are available for as low as 0% interest rates for some makes and models. For others, the interest rates can go up to 3.9%. You also have access to different loan repayment schemes, which can range from anywhere between a 36 months repayment period, up to 84 months. This depends entirely on the price of the car you buy - more expensive vehicles will have longer-term repayment options.

If You Want To Lease A Vehicle:

Chrysler Capital offers options that allow you to lease a vehicle for either 24 months or 36 months. At the end of the lease period, you will also be able to purchase the vehicle you leased, using a lease buyout vehicle loan program. If you don't want to purchase the vehicle, then options also exist that make leasing the same or other vehicles possible.

You may, however, have to provide a one-time payment that can fall between $2400-$3600, depending on the car you choose to lease. You will also be asked to provide a non-refundable security deposit if you choose to lease a Chrysler vehicle.

To apply for a loan through Chrysler Capital, simply visit the website, apply for the loan online, and you will be informed in less than a minute from when you completed your registration, on where you stand with the loan process. You will also find access to tools that will help you manage your potential car purchasing or lease loan, and this includes information on your interest rates.

The website also provides details of the names of all participating dealerships. If you live in Garner, Hillandale, Camelot or Antelope Point in South Carolina, then our Capital Chrysler Jeep Dodge Raleigh, NC, the dealership (Capital CJD) in Garner, NC, can help you buy or lease a vehicle of your choice. 

Source: Chrysler