Jeep Parts in NC for your Wrangler, Cherokee and more!

Jeeps were once very popular. With a little fluctuation in the Jeep popularity graph, Jeeps have now stood the test of time. Despite the revolution in the passenger car market, the popularity of Jeeps continues unabated. With increasing Jeep's popularity, Jeep drivers will need frequent Jeep service parts. If you own a Jeep, and if you’re looking for the nearest Jeep service department, Carolina Jeep dealers, Jeep parts NC, or Mopar parts, consider your worries over. We are your single-stop Jeep destination. All your Jeep-related services and queries are instantly addressed at our Jeep Garner, NC, dealership. 

Regular Maintenance

No matter which model your Jeep is or how sturdy and hardy it is, your Jeep requires regular maintenance. Every 4000 miles or so, you need to change oil and filter of your Jeep. Your chassis may also require timely lubrication. Tires should be rotated, and wheels balanced every 6000 to 8000 miles. Air filters need replacement every 20,000 miles. When you visit our Jeep dealership, we can give you a thorough evaluation of your vehicle’s condition and suggest all the repairs and replacements that need to be made. 

Is Jeep Maintenance Expensive?

Many people think a Jeep wrangler is expensive to maintain. If you ask us, our answer is a simple ‘no’. The annual cost to maintain the Jeep Wrangler is $651, which is just $10 pricier than the average cost to maintain any vehicle model. We are not cooking up facts. These are the facts brought out by a study.

As a general rule of thumb, there are some Jeep parts that require frequent replacements. These include brake pads, filters, battery, timing belt, starter and alternator, and spark plugs. You can contact our Jeep dealership to learn more or to find which parts in your Jeep needs a replacement.

If you’re wondering – ‘where can I find a Jeep dealership near me?’ or want to solve any Jeep related problem, head over to our Capital CJD dealership in Garner, NC. We are just a brief drive from Hillandale, Antelope Point, and Camelot, the cities we serve.

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