MOPAR Parts and Accessories in Garner

Are you thinking about repairing or upgrading your Jeep, Ram, Dodge, or Chrysler vehicle? If so, consider using accessories and parts from MOPAR service. Your vehicle isn’t generic, so why would you install generic parts? In fact, by relying on aftermarket parts and accessories, you’re doing more damage than good. It’s always better to install parts that are specifically built for your car. From the latest accessories to upgrades, repairs, and new components, a MOPAR service will give you the exact look and performance you’re after.

What are MOPAR parts and Accessories?

These are original pieces manufactured for FCA US LLC vehicles. The term “Mopar” is now broadly used to refer to cars produced by the previous parent company, the Chrysler Group LLC, which is now FCA US.

Why Use MOPAR parts?


Mopar service parts are manufactured using high-quality materials. This is why they cost slightly more than aftermarket parts. In the long run, they are a good purchase.


Since poor quality materials are used to make aftermarket parts, most of them don’t last very long. They experience wear and tear rather quickly. In comparison, Mopar parts are durable and last for years, making them a good long-term investment.


Mopar parts and accessories are specifically designed for Dodge, Chrysler, Ram, and Jeep vehicles. This means when you purchase a Mopar part, it will fit and work well with the existing system. This is not the case with aftermarket parts. Drivers don’t have to go hunting for genuine fit parts anymore.


Lastly, Mopar accessories and parts are guaranteed with a warranty so you may purchase with complete confidence. Most aftermarket parts do not have a warranty. In addition, all Mopar parts are tested and certified for a specific model, making them genuine parts.

Whether you’re looking for a new oil filter or an exhaust system, a rearview mirror or alloy wheels, you can trust Mopar service parts. Don’t settle for anything less than genuine for your car. Visit your nearest parts and accessories center today. Mopar is a name and brand you can trust!

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Source: MOPAR