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Ram performance

RAM Performance | Capital CJD

RAM trucks which are also known as RAM are a range of American commercial vehicles which were launched in the year 2010. Owned by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, these ranges of vehicles are a spin-off from the Dodge series and the logo used by RAM Trucks was the original logo of Dodge.

RAM Trucks was established under Chrysler as a separate division in 2010 as spin-off from Dodge. After the acquisition of Chrysler by Fiat, Dodge was restricted to making only passenger vehicles and all the pick-up and commercial vehicles were transferred under RAM. The main motto of RAM was to make trucks that are specifically directed towards customers who have a real use of such vehicles rather than focusing on customers who buy trucks merely for the image. A lot of the trucks manufactured by Fiat were now marketed under the RAM brand, for example, the Fiat Ducato Cargo design was adopted by RAM and sold as RAM ProMaster in the North American market. Executives at Chrysler have every intention of competing in the semi-trailer truck category market with RAM. While RAM trucks are marketed separately from Dodge, Fred Diaz, the president of RAM division has clearly stated that RAM trucks will always be Dodges, containing the Dodge logo inside and on the outside. The vin number will also identify the RAM trucks as a Dodge vehicle.

The main reason for the split between RAM and Dodge is for Dodge to develop a different brand identity. The cool, young and energetic brand image that Dodge is trying to cultivate will not work with the customer pool that is interested in buying trucks. Hence RAM and Dodge have two separate themes. Currently there are 6 main models of RAM trucks available- RAM 700, RAM 1000, RAM 1200, RAM Pickup, RAM ProMaster Van and RAM ProMaster City. All of these trucks are commercial vehicles with a completely different image from the typical American trucks that are marketed for masculinity. These have more of a functional outlook and look more like utility vehicles rather than trendy models. RAM trucks are multi-utility vehicles and the load carriage can be remodeled for multiple uses.

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