Which Dodge Models Include Apple CarPlay?

Apple CarPlay allows vehicles with seamless integration between your Apple iPhone and your car’s intelligence. The associated features include but are not limited to better voice command options, which allow you to control the music, navigation, and other smart capabilities of your car. By default, these also provide more USB ports for better connectivity.

We offer you a handy guide below on the Dodge vehicles that are equipped with Apple CarPlay so you can use the dashboard’s computer system as Apple software. 

Dodge 2017-18 Challenger

Want a muscle car with Apple CarPlay connectivity? The 2017/2018 Dodge Challenger is the one for you. Its vintage sports appeal is now enhanced with its new connectivity features.

Dodge 2017-2018 Charger

Rather own a family-oriented sedan? No problem. The 2017-18 Dodge Charger takes care of your Apple device connectivity concerns with its Apple CarPlay feature. The four-door muscle beast provides great comfort, performance, and practicality, in addition to the newly integrated Apple CarPlay.

2018 Dodge Durango

The heavy-performing SUV also comes with Apple CarPlay now, so infotainment is no longer a concern when you purchase the 2018 Dodge Durango. The AWD vehicle offers a most comfortable and connected riding experience that not many in its class can extend to passengers.

Dodge Vehicles among the Latest to Add Apple CarPlay

Automobile manufacturers such as Hyundai, Audi, General Motors and Honda had been on the frontline to adopt Apple CarPlay. However, now Dodge has also decided to slowly offer Apple CarPlay integration. 

Apple CarPlay allows users with improving hands-free voice command over controlling the navigation, entertainment, and connectivity of their vehicles and connected devices. You can use the feature to connect your iPhone, iPad or even Android phones to your vehicle’s system and control apps, texting and so on while driving. How convenient is that?

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Source: Pexels